Vogler's exclusive home video captures a raw eyewitness version of the 9/11 experience. The footage has been placed into the archives of The New York Historical Society as well as The Library of Congress. Vogler’s tape has been used in documentaries shown on HBO, NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, ABC News, National Geographic Explorer, The History Channel, Germany's Network Pro 7 and Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911The footage was part of the acclaimed documentary 102 Minutes That Changed America winning three Emmy awards. Read a special report on this media from News.com. For information regarding full resolution clips and licensing of this historic material, please contact David Vogler directly.  

Crystal Morning: Vogler's 9/11 footage edited by noted documentary filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney. Video Length: 06:55

September 11 Raw Footage: Shot in real time as events unfolded. For mature viewers only. Video length: 14:33

View from living room window.

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