First, a Few Important Updates:

11.21.09 InsanelyMac reports that a member has created a workaround allowing users who have modified their Intel Atom-based netbooks into "Hackintoshes" in order to run Mac OS X to upgrade 10.6.2. (The changes Apple made to the latest mach_kernel removes support for this processor, leaving updated netbooks in a useless state). Fortunately, a user named "teateam" patched the new kernel just two days after Apple rolled out the update. The original post can be found here. Many are reporting success with this patch. Let's give "teateam" a round of applause for saving all our Hackintosh netbooks!

11.13.09 The new version of Snow Leopard has been covertly designed by Apple to kill support for the Intel Atom processor which is inside your HP Mini. The steps below will still work fine, but just stick with Snow Leopard 10.6.1 for now. Do not upgrade or use 10.6.2.

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Make a bootable Snow Leopard Installer on a USB Key Drive

What you need:
HP Mini NetBook
Legit copy of Snow Leopard Retail DVD
One 16gig USB key drive
Dave's NetbookMaker Application

1. With your USB key drive plugged in, launch Disk Utility and format it. Erase this drive and name it "DVD Snow Leo." You should select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)."

2. While still in Disk Utility, click on the Restore tab. Drag the Snow Leo image ("Mac OS X Install DVD") into the Source field. Then drag "DVD Snow Leo" into the Destination field. Now, click on the Restore button and wait until the process completes. Once it's done, quit Disk Utility.

3. OK, now the fun starts. Launch NetbookBootMaker. Select "DVD Snow Leo" as the target drive from the drop down menu. Click on "Prepare Boot Drive" and wait till the patching finishes. Now quit NetbookBootMaker.

4. In a Finder window, Shift+Cmd+G to access /Volumes/DVD Snow Leo/System/Installation/Packages. You should see three "OSInstall" files in there: OSInstall.mpkg, OSInstall.pkg, OSInstall.pkg.orig.

5. Now be careful. Delete OSInstall.pkg. Then, rename OSInstall.pkg.orig, taking out the ".orig" extension so it becomes "OSInstall.pkg." This might sound nutty, but trust me. This step is vital.

That's it. You now have a hacked Snow Leopard Installer that will kill any Windows machine and turn it into real working Macintosh! It's kryptonite for Microsoft.


Install Snow Leopard onto your HP Mini

What you need:
HP Mini NetBook
The USB drive that you just created above

1. With the USB installer key drive plugged in, turn on your HP Mini and press F9 as it starts. You'll now see the boot menu screen. Use the up/down arrow keys to choose your USB Installer from the list and hit the Enter key. Wait until Darwin finishes its countdown and boot into the Mac OS X Installer Program.

2. Pick your language, etc. etc. On the Menubar, go to Utilities > Disk Utility. Format your Mini's internal drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Call it "Macintosh HD." Now quit the Disk Utility.

3. Choose Macintosh HD as the destination partition for installation. You can click on the Customize button at the lower left corner to specify which features you want to install. I suggest excluding all the printer drivers, all other languages and X11 to save more hard disk space. If you wish, keep Rosetta if you plan to use non-Universal applications. I suggest you also keep QuickTime Player 7. But don't worry. No matter what you select, it will all be fine.

4. Now, click on OK, then click on the Install button to start installing Mac OS X on the HP Mini! This will take a while. It's the longest part of the process. It could take from 30 to 90 minutes at least. That's normal. Just let it do it's thing and go walk the dog. Or pour a brew and enjoy a tall glass of beer. Be patient.


Important upgrades and tweaks

What you need:
HP Mini NetBook
The USB drive that you just created above
Dave's NetbookMaker Application
Dave's General Extension Soup
Dave's About This Mac Fix

1. Restart the HP Mini with the USB Installer still plugged in. As it starts up, press F9 to boot with the USB installer once again. But before Darwin loads the Snow Leopard Installer Program again, quickly press any key to interrupt the boot loader.

2. Use the Mini's arrow buttons to choose "Macintosh HD" and hit Enter. You'll now be booting from the HP Mini drive which thinks it's a Mac! You'll see the official Apple "Welcome Video!" So cool.

3. Configure your user account and other settings in the Setup Assistant as you would any fresh new, virgin Mac that's right out of the box! You'll then be brought into the Snow Leopard Desktop. All is well.

4. This is an important step folks! Once you're set up and running Snow Leopard, launch NetbookBootMaker again. Select Macintosh HD from the drop down menu and click on "Prepare Boot Drive." Quit NetbookBootMaker when the patching is finished. This step will make the HP Mini bootable; correct screen resolutions; fix the keyboard and trackpad, Bluetooth and WiFi. It's the final death of Windows and makes your HP hardware think it's an Apple product!

5. Now, unzip the "General Extensions" folder you downloaded earlier and copy the whole darn folder to /Extra/, replacing the existing "General Extensions" folder that's already in there. Even if it complains that you're overwriting a so-called "newer" version, still do it. It'll be fine.

6. Launch the Extra Update app inside the /Extra/. It's the one with the New Balance sneaker icon. Click on Update Extensions and let it run. This may take a few minutes.

7. The final tweak. Unzip and run the AboutThisMac.pkg to correct the information on the "About This Mac" window. This is purely cosmetic but darn nice to have.

8. Now please go to "Software Update" and download what ever Apple says Snow Leopard needs. Warning: I have just been told that the newest version of Snow Leopard 10.6.2 has been designed by Apple to kill support of the Intel Atom processor --- the very chip inside your HP Mini. This move is Apple's attempt at shutting down the growing and popular Hackintosh Netbook community. So, we suggest sticking with Snow Leopard 10.6.1 or earlier to be safe. See this link for details.

9. Restart and be happy.

You're now running OSX Snow Leopard on your HP Mini!

Have fun,
David Vogler

Note: This document is the result of my own code experiments as well as multiple "hackintosh" tutorials on the web. (Many of which have been deleted due to legal reasons). I hope you find this helpful. If you can, please donate a dollar to my beer fund. Thank You!